Ryan Thomason

If you Want Your Kids To Be Into Comics, kaboom! Is Where It’s At

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One of the many to be coming soon to you for sure, but with this latest announcement from Boom! Studios division for kids ‘kaboom!’ will be doing one of my sons favorite shows. Yup, he’s a WordGirl fan, and I’ve seen enough of the episodes to know that what he’s watching is really good for him. I’m excited to see how they translate learning big new words and how to use them into the comics, cause my son is going to eat it all up for sure. Plus, I like Captain Huggyface (the monkey). With the Announcements of Peanuts and the new Snark! comic coming to kaboom! it looks like Boom! Studios is really positioning themselves to capture the kids market for comics.

I’m really happy for that, the earlier I can get my kids reading comic books, the sooner I can introduce them into the amazing world of comic books. It’s a good thing too that Boom! is a classy company and they put out an excellent product. So, if you’ve been waiting to until your kids could actually form a decision for themselves and stick to it, I suggest you get started sooner than later on getting them into comics. Start with talking to your local comic shop about the kaboom! comics, I sure as hell am now.

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