Ryan Thomason

If You Sold the First 407 of your 6000 Comics for 1.38 MILLION…

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I just don’t know what the hell I would do if it turns out a family member who tragically died in a fire, but amazingly his comic book collection survived with no damage was actually a collection of incredible value.

Bleedingcool reported about the auction that was selling off the collection that Gary Dahlberg had amassed over his lifetime. The guy grew up in a magical time for comic books, the Silver Age, and the CDC designated the collection as the Twin Cities pedigree among the best-preserved Silver Age collections to ever surface.

Dahlberg’s family had little idea of his collection’s value, and really who would? Comic book collectors usually get the rolled eye treatment. Yeah, your tone would change if it was gold bars or something they collected, but this guy loved his comics books, took damn good care of them, and now WE (Well, the dudes with the money at the auctions) get to benefit. I hope the guys picking up the comics at auction appreciated them as much as Mr. Dahlberg did, not everyone has the kind of dedication to keep such treasured comics without selling them.

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