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If You Saw Your Neighbor’s Dog as a Human, Would You Feel More Awkward When it Humped Your Leg?

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Coming soon to FX, the potentially humorous Wilfred, an hour long comedy show about a guy and his neighbors dog. Sound appealing? What if he was the only one who saw the dog as a man in a dog costume? Better.

Wilfred will star none other than Elijah Wood as Ryan in the new comedy series, which looks like it might just be as uncomfortable as you would imagine. Wilfred is the story of Ryan, a young man just trying to make his way in the world. Unsuccesfully. Taking the idiom to a new extreme, Ryan sees his neighbors dog Wilfredas a rather vulgar Australian man in a dogs costume (Jason Gann). Man’s Best Friend, could potentially make situations incredibly uncomfortable, but Ryan is the only one who sees Wilfred as a man-in-dogs-clothing.

But just imagine the awkwardness that the scenerio presents… Making love to your hot date? You look down and see some dude licking your toes. Sitting on the can? Some dude just barges in a starts drinking the bath water. Honestly, it sounds kind of funny.

The only caveat to that, is that an hour is an awfully long time for a running gag to… keep running. My biggest reservation on the series is going to be the length. Considering that there are very few hour long comedy shows on television, FX seems to be making a leap of faith with Wilfred.

But when June 23rd rolls around, I will be sure to check it out.  Follow the link below to see several clips from Wilfred, and make up your own opinions.

Link – Wilfred on FX

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