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If You Had to Choose – E3 or Gamescom?

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on the left e3, on the right gamescom..who wins

Thats the question that the guys at Namco Bandai are currently mulling over in their heads because they believe that if the past version of E3 is going to be making a comeback, things are going to get expensive really quick considering that Gamescom in Germany is a scant couple of months away.

In a recent interview with CVG, Oliver Comte, the VP in charge of Namco Bandai Partners, says that there will be a time in the future where companies will have to decide which post to hitch their horses to (in a figurative sense).

“I really wonder how E3 is going to be this year because we seem to have come back on track, I wonder if this year it will be E3 like three or four years ago – a very big event.

This is how I feel.

If this is a case then it’s clear that the industry will have to choose between E3 and GamesCom, because two events within three months that cost a lot of money for all of the publishers will be too much.”

So what would you all say if distance and money weren’t an issue, which trade show would you prefer to go to? I personally would stick with E3 mainly because the industry has been and will primarily be North America driven for quite some time.

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