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If Real Steel 2 Were to Get Made…

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Yes, I’m already Geeking out for this movie, and Yes, I’m going to post anything I find semi-relevant.

Yes, talking about a sequel to a movie that hasn’t even released in the theaters is nothing new. We all know it happens to even the stupidest sounding movies. I have this love affair with knowing background stories for even the most lamest of things. I can’t help it, I watch or read something and even if I didn’t like it, I find myself looking for books or wikis to learn the history of that world or characters. If a Real Steel 2 ever surfaced, that sounds like what we would be getting with the robot hero underdog in this movie, Atom.

Director Shawn Levy tosses up some nice details on where he’d like to go in a sequel, assuming he gets the opportunity:

“In the sequel we do explore the origin story of Atom and we begin to sketch an answer (to the question), ‘Is there something special to this bot, and if so, why? It’s future, it’s still linear, and I want to be the first to say that first we need to be a hit movie before we get to make a sequel. I don’t know if that will happen, I sincerely hope so because Hugh and I really love the movie. It’s the next chapter, it’s the fallout of the Zeus vs. Atom fight, and it’s the fallout of what happens with the kid’s custody (which technically is Aunt Debra’s), and it further explores the class warfare between the underworld fight-clubs and the sanctioned, monetized WRB, which is at work in this movie but is really a big part of the second. It’s not an origin story, but at one point in the movie Charlie (Hugh Jackman) needs to research where the hell this bot came from, and has to understand his inner workings more – for reasons I won’t go into. So, he seeks out Atom’s creator. So it’s not a flashback, but we learn about the history because we will meet Atom’s creator.”


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