If Politicians Were Gaming Systems

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Yes, it’s that big day, the day that people won’t shut the hell up about politics and politicians. I personally get tired of hearing about it, but it can’t be avoided, so I like to think about politics in a way that I can understand them, which is obviously video games. Over the last couple of days, I thought to myself, what if politicians were gaming systems? Who would be what? After some deep thought, I can help even the most casual gamer finally understand who they’re voting for. After the jump, of course.

Barack Obama = Wii

In my opinion this is the most obvious symbolism. Obama represents change, something new to get people who never cared about politics before to suddenly get out and vote. In the same vein, the Nintendo Wii made gamers out of people that had never even looked at a video game before. Something the whole family can get interested in, except maybe your racist grandmother.

John McCain = Xbox 360

Some people might get mad at me for this choice, since they might think that the 360 is the best current-gen system, but that’s not where I’m going with this. The Xbox 360 is a decent system which a lot of people find enjoyable, but its hardware isn’t very reliable and there is a very large chance that it will die on you the first couple of years after you buy it. The only difference is, Microsoft can’t send you a refurbished John McCain.

Joe Biden = Playstation 3

Just like Biden, Sony and the Playstation 3 have a lot of experience, are a solid choice, and there’s nothing really wrong with them, but they always seems to get ignored. It’s not the Playstation’s fault, it’s just more fun to talk about the other systems.

Sarah Palin = Atari Jaguar

If your Xbox 360 dies, this is all you have left to occupy you, and you pray to Jesus Christ every day that situation never arises.

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