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IDW’s Samurai Jack, Comic Book Review

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Samurai Jack! Ok, not the cartoon, but just as good – a comic book!


Back to the past, Samurai Jack!

Created By: Genndy Tartakovsky 

Writer: Jim Zub

Artist: Andy Suriano

Publisher: IDW

Price: 3.39$

Release Date: October 23rd 2013

Long ago in a distance land…I, Sarah, reader of comics, unleashed an unspeakable review of a comic upon this land. That comic’s name was Samurai Jack. (If you watched the TV show at all, the theme music just started in your head) Ah comics based on television shows, is there anyone who reads them that didn’t watch the tv show? Do we even care? No, it’s Samurai Jack. Fan’s have been waiting 10 years to see if the valiant samurai finally defeat the “Shogun of Sorrow.” To be honest I would probably keep giving IDW my money even this series was god awful , just for the closure.

Lucky,  my hard earn money is not wasted on this beauty . One thing that makes this comic so magical is Andy Suriano’s art. Having worked on the original Samurai Jack show, he understands the cinematic simplicity that the show was so well known for.  The bright and bold colors set the futuristic mood of Aku’s dystopian world with aliens and robots waiting in the shadows for our samurai hero to destroy. Yes. Jim Zub’s writing is top notch as well. I swear I can hear every voice actor’s voice in my head, each time I read a speech bubble. There is one thing that I didn’t like though, one tiny miniscule thing I have to whine about. He gave Jack an inner monologue. The stoic silent samurai is always calculating and assessing the situation, don’t tell me his genius plan! I want to wait with anticipation as my quiet great warrior figures his way out of each situation. I want to read that last panel and close that comic thinking what a clever bastard that samurai is.

Clearly the old school Samurai Jack fans are going to be all this over it like it’s the last drop of beer on earth, but “Jack Virgins” will enjoy this experience as well. A good overview of the series in just one page and simple character make it easy for a future fan to jump right in without any research.  I look forward to seeing if Jack returns to the past and undoes the future that is Aku!

Overall 9.5 out of 10 robot ninja assassins.

Buy it for yourself: Samurai Jack #1 (Subscription Variant)

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