IDW to Publish Wonder Woman: The Complete Newspaper Comics

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IDW, in partnership with DC Entertainment and Library of American Comics, is going to produce the volume Wonder Woman: The Complete Newspaper Comics this August. Very exciting for all us WW fans!

Check out what IDW says in their press release:

The Entire 1940’s Newspaper Comics Available For The First Time Ever!

In partnership with DC Entertainment, IDW Publishing and Library of American Comics is pleased to announce the August release of Wonder Woman: The Complete Newspaper Comics, which collects the entire original Wonder Woman newspaper strip that ran from May 1, 1943 until December 1, 1944 for the first time ever!

Just a few years after Wonder Woman burst into comic books, the world’s most famous female superhero starred in her own daily newspaper strip written and drawn by the same creative team that produced the comic book: William Moulton Marston (writer) and Harry G. Peters (artist).

This beautiful 196-page hardcover book starts the story on Paradise Island where Amazonian women rule supreme and no men are allowed. Their way of life is about to change when Steve Trevor, a wounded American soldier, washes up on their shores. Soon, Princess Diana of the Amazons—rechristened Wonder Woman—is off to America, where the saga continues!


Wonder Woman has seen significant changes over the years. Now you can collect the original comic strip in a single volume and see how this icon of comics, and feminism started out.

Order Wonder Woman: The Complete Newspaper Comics here!

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