Ides of March – Movie Review

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With a Phenomenal cast, Ides of March is a political drama relevant to our times.

It is the story of Stephen Myer, (Ryan Gosling) press secretary for Mike Morris (George Clooney) and his campaign. The movie follows his journey through the dark world of American politics. Both Paul Giamatti, as Tom Duffy, the campaign manager for the rival Democrat and Philip Seymour Hoffman, as Paul Zara, campaign manager for Morris are fantastic. They bring such intensity and intelligence to their roles that they almost steal the movie.

Stephen Myer is a young ideological press secretary for Mike Morris, a Democrat Governor looking to win the Ohio primary. Paul Zara is Myer’s boss and a veteran campaign manager. In the beginning, Myer believes in Morris and his message whole heartedly but the story unfolds to a somewhat predictable place when Morris isn’t what he should be. Myer is taught just how dirty politics can be and unfortunately he rises to the challenge.

Although this story has been told in one way or another many times before, Ides of March is still a highly engaging and entertaining film. What the story lacks the acting easily makes up for. Gosling and Clooney share some intense scenes that they each bring their best to. The cast is rounded out with Evan Rachel Wood and Marisa Tomei who are both enjoyable in their respective roles as campaign intern and New York Times reporter.

Bottom Line: I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It was funny, sad, and very well acted.

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