I’d Other her M

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I have a confession to make. And it’s not that the headline I made for this article is complete bullshit because I couldn’t think of possibly anything more interesting to title it. No, the real confession is that I have never beaten a Metroid game. Hell, I never played as Samus Aran until Super Smash Bros. I’m not sure how I skipped over Metroid during my Nintendo and SNES days, as I played every other first-party game Nintendo was responsible for. When the Gamecube came around, I was too busy with my Playstation 2 to play any but a select few Gamecube titles, and the Metroid Prime series was not on that list.  And though I have since gone back and acquired Metroid and Super Metroid, I have never given them the attention they deserve. So really, you could say I’m the least possible qualified person to write this post. Meh.

Nintendo announcing Metroid: Other M at E3 2009 was a huge deal. Aside from Super Mario Galaxy, the Wii was starving for the trifecta of Nintendo first-party series: Super Mario, Zelda, and Metroid. And though a brief trailer was shown along with the announcement, no one was really clear on the gameplay aspects. We were told it was 2.5D (no one ever really knows what that means), and we knew there would be a hybrid of the classic Metroid side-scrolling and the first-person shooting Metroid Prime sported, but Other M‘s gameplay was still hard to grasp.

Since the newest Metroid is slated to come out this summer, Nintendo apparently decided to give us a clearer picture of what Other M will be like, and released the above video yesterday. I must admit it looks damn impressive. The switch between first- and third-person gameplay seems to be seamless, and for a Wii game it’s gorgeous. Between this, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and the first Wii-exclusive Zelda all coming soon, I think Nintendo has finally delivered for its core fan base.

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