Ico and Shadow of the Colossus being digitally remastered

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If you didn’t get enough of murdering innocent giants and a horny kid the first time, here’s your chance.Team Ico has decided to pull a Lucas and remaster the two games in 1080p and also 3D.  Unlike Lucas, however, both games are to be untouched storywise.  They have also worked on the frame rates as well for a much smoother experience.  I had gotten a hold of Shadow of the Colossus a number of years after the PS3 and 360 had been out and therefore had my initial experience tainted with the desire for better graphics.  In case you forgot what this game is or if you somehow never heard of it, here’s a refresher.

The best I’ve found on release dates is spring-ish.  And in case you hadn’t heard, they are supposedly writing a script for adapting it to film.  IMDB seems to think 2012…

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