Alan Smithee

I <3 Family Guy

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So there I was last night, eating some ice cream and watching all of the Fox ‘Animation Domination’ shows (King of the Hill, The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad), when out of nowhere on Family Guy the bust out with a pop culture reference that I’m sure only a few people understood.

Using a Flash Gordon reference was so far out there and so obscure that I immediately started laughing out loud and scaring my infant daughter who has never heard her old man howl with laughter. My wife (being a non-geek) had no idea where the reference came from but found it hilarious that her husband was laughing at it.

I swear, its little clips like this one that keep me watching this show. Sure, it may seem that the writers of Family Guy use off-the-cuff remarks and pop-culture references as a crutch for bad plots, but like South Park, I watch mainly for the shock value and the running gags both series bring to the table.

The original fight that spawned this clip from Family Guy, Brian Blessed is so damn awesome!

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