I, Zombie

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Fan-favorite artist Mike Allred is back, with a new series someone else is writing:  Chris Roberson.  It is called I, Zombie.  Yeah, not the most original title, but it does accurately describe the series.  The first issue which is, as most of Vertigo first issues of new titles are, only$1.

Chris Roberson wrote the recent Cinderella:  From Fabletown with Love.  This was his first entry into comics, he is more famous for writing alternate history fiction (at least, that is what Wikipedia told me).  I enjoyed Cinderella, so that is a point in favor of this new series.  (Did I mention it is a dollar?)

I burned out on Mr. Allred’s latest  return to his most famous creation:  Madman.  I was about to cancel my subscription when I found out that he was retiring the series himself.  As I enjoyed his art and knew he would not be writing this new series, I gave another point in favor of this series.  (Yes, let me remind you, it is only 100 pennies to buy.)

The plot seems to revolve around the fact that there are a lot of undead in Eugene, Oregon.  (I know!  Who knew?)  Besides the titular character, you can meet a ghost, a werewolf and some vampires.  (I realize that the werewolf is not undead…)  And, of course, the do-gooding undead hunters.  How all these characters work out is something we will have to wait and see as the series unfolds.  Which is where we come back to the $1 you will spend (90 cents plus tax if you have a deal with you local comic book dealer) for this issue.  Is the dollar now and all this enough to get me to shell out the $3.99 for the next issue?  Yeah, but expect to see another review in two months after two more issues have come out so I can really tell you what I think.

Bottom Line:  $1/$1

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