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I Review Chef Shows: Masterchef

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Like most reality shows that have been shipped everywhere in the world , Fox is giving us a taste (pun intended) of a show that hasn’t come our way yet. The show took amateur chefs who’s never left their home kitchens and test their abilities to cook under various conditions. This is hosted by a non yelling Chef Gordon Ramsay, Chef Graham Elliott, and Restaurateur Joe Bastianich. How the heck did I find time to watch a two hour long show every week? Let me tell you how.

To answer the last question, it’s simple, I have a 6 month old daughter who has to be diaper changed and fed at least once sometimes twice between 9pm and 7am. I can never finish the show in one sitting, that is just crazy talk, this is why I couldn’t live without my DVR. The show isn’t too bad, the contestants obviously love cooking, and they all apparently dream of starting a restaurant or something of the sort. I keep saying to myself after they interview someone who is talking so passionately about cooking and how it is their dream, yet they can’t apparently give up whatever their lives are and get a job as a chef or go to culinary school? It really just looks like a bunch of people who talk a big talk, but don’t have the balls to drop their lives for something they obviously love to do. And really, its not like the profession is very high paying, and you know that is why none of them have already made that commitment.

There is one guy who I found annoyingly cocky, Sharone who was finally eliminated in the last episode was a pretty decent douchebag. Yeah, he won a lot of challenges but he acted like that kid in high school who thought he was the shit, and told everyone he was the shit. Granted the guy had skill, but his type of personality just irritate he hell out of me. I’m gunning for Lee in what looks like the last episode next week. Yeah, its almost over already, that’s what happens on a two hour show that killed off 2 or more contestants a week. Whitney seems like a long shot, though she’s only 21, or was it 22? I dunno, but she looks like a great cook and well, you know. I was hoping the guy that only had three fingers on each hand would make it farther, but he didn’t.

If you watch the last episode this week are you going to be confused? Probably not, the show was pretty basic and aside from the challenges the chefs had, it wasn’t too involving. You can watch the last episode without having watched any of them and would be basically caught up. It’s people cooking food, trying to win a prize, and become the first American Masterchef. I think if you have the time, and a DVR at least record the episode and see how it ends. That and watch Ramsay not screaming at people constantly, it’s refreshing.

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