I Pity Da Fool That Tuts At This Game!

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Will Wright is an awesome developer. Killing Nazis is generally awesome. Mr.T is awesome.  So what do you get when you make a game with all those involved? Something that will either be epicly good or bad. But I shit you not, this game is being made.  Announced today by ZootFly, this game will feature Mr.T taking on Nazis in South America. As well as Mr.T’s other friends from the graphic novel this game is apparently based off, none other than Will Wright will appear as a kidnapped scientist forced to work on the Nazi’s diabolical scheme. In the end Mr.T and Will Wright will join forces to stop The Third Reich. The idea of this game is just epic, but of course it’s doubtful that it will end up being any good. After doing some “research”, I found out that ZootFly is an indie developer who haven’t made any games that I’ve heard of and that Mr.T indeed had a graphic novel which was published by Mohawk Media last year, which might I add is a very epic company name. No announced platforms yet, but it’ll be definitely be worth keeping an eye on this, if for the lulz more than anything. Finally, the source mentions that it is the first game, so maybe we’ll get episodic content of Nazi killing Mr.T and Will Wright adventures?

source: VG247

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