Ryan Thomason

I Might Go To NY Comic Con Just For This

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A golden ticket you say? If I find one I get the complete Farscape Series on Blu-Ray that we already talked about? Sold.

Sorry wife and kids, this is Farscape, on BLU-RAY, the complete series!

What the hell am I talking about? Well If you’re going to New York Comic Con this year, or live in New York and can sneakily get a ticket yourself A+E Home Entertainment is hiding golden tickets for people to find and redeem.

Here is the official word:

A+E Home Entertainment is hiding 10 golden tickets around the convention center leading up to next week’s events and will unveil clues via their Twitter feed starting October 13th. Attendees who find the tickets can redeem them for Farscape: The Complete Series on Blu-ray before it’s available to the public!

Normally, I pass up on these kinds of emails, but it’s Farscape, and dammit, you need to know about it if you’re going to NY Comic Con. So if you see Charlie stuffing his face with chocolate, kick him aside and search the area, that snot nosed kid was probably right on the golden ticket.

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