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Alright, I may not understand most of this, but I honestly love this type of stuff. Give the article a looksie if you like SCIENCE! and the Maths. According to New Scientist (Where did the old ones go?) Andrew Wade made a breaking discovery in the field of…life. These are the type of breakthroughs that really get the smart people thinking, and progress made. I can’t wait to see what comes out of this in the next couple of years.

IF YOU found a self-replicating organism living inside your computer, your first instinct might be to reach for the antivirus software. If, however, you are Andrew Wade, an avid player in the two-dimensional, mathematical universe known as the Game of Life, such a discovery is nothing short of an epiphany.

When Wade posted his self-replicating mathematical organism on a Life community website on 18 May, it sparked a wave of excitement. “This is truly ground-breaking work,” wrote a fellow Life enthusiast, Adam Goucher, on the website Game of Life News. “In fact, this is arguably the single most impressive and important pattern ever devised.”

A first for the game, the replicator demonstrates how astounding complexity can arise from simple beginnings and processes – an echo of life’s origins, perhaps. It might help us understand how life on Earth began, or even inspire strategies to build tiny computers.


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