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I Love Japan – WTF Spiderman

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so fucking win

It’s been a while since the site has done one of these “I Love Japan” features, but I stumbled across this today, and I couldn’t keep it to myself anymore. It’s any wonder that the guys from Japan that were born in the 70s/80s are fixated on the giant robots.

We’ve all seen how other countries have handled Spiderman…like how in Mexico he’s a villain, or here in the United States, he’s a slow moving and not too adept middle-aged photographer (I’m talking about the TV version of Spiderman from the 70s).

But if you give Spiderman to Japan what do they do? They make him a martial artist, give him a huge webslinger, and a gigantic robot for him to command and fight various rubber suited enemies. How I haven’t stumbled upon this series until now is unforgivable.

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