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I Love Japan – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

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What happens when a joke video sent from your friend becomes a daily and nightly obsession? You thank that friend for sharing and keep it quiet, lest you enjoy getting made fun of.

This is precisely the case of the strange occurrence of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu which came to my attention last week as a friend and writer on this here website shared a video of hers with me on Facebook.

The video to the left of this paragraph is for the song Tsukema Tsukeru which is a track all about the singer putting on false eyelashes and how it makes her feel all pretty and confident. The song is the first single off of her upcoming (January I believe) album being released.

I was taken aback at first by the sound of the song, firstly because the lyrics are very tongue-twisterish even for me, a 12 year speaker of the language, and second at the amazing production value that was put into this silly song. The dancing lions are pretty much in-step the entire video and when the unmasking happens…well just watch for yourself.

Not wanting to leave well enough alone, I decided to find out what other tracks from the 18 year old fashion blogger from Harajuku turned pop star were out there. It’s then that I stumbled upon this.

To my left, you’ll find the prime example of what it’s like to have Japanese phrases and kawaii rolling around in your head all at the same time. PONPONPON is just one of those quirky songs that you can’t help but smile at, while being terrified at the same time. This came off of her first album Moshi Moshi Harajuku (lit: Hello Harajuku), which is a album that I plan on buying right after I’m done getting Xmas presents for my entire family.

I wondered at first how the hell could two of her songs that got the video treatment be so damn catchy, until I read who was the producer for both tracks. If you follow Jpop at all, you already should know the name Nakata Yasutaka as being half of the group Capsule. Turns out that he’s essentially the Will-I-Am or Timbaland of Japan. Seriously, to get these songs stuck in my head so bad that I had to pick up the singles from iTunes, you’ve had to sign a deal with Satan in the blood of a unbaptized child, these tracks really are that good.

Man, I love Japan for artists like her.

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