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I Love Capcom, But I’m IN Love With SNK

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Don't get me wrong, I still love SF, but KoF is where it's at...

I love Capcom, and I especially love their fighting games. I mean, most of us were brought up with Street Fighter being the first series of fighting games we ever played and fell in love with. I do however, hold an extra special place in my heart for SNK fighting games…more than that really, a good SNK game can own my gamer soul.

You may think I’m kidding about that, but it’s so very true. I’ve been a fighting game aficionado for nearly 2 decades now ranging anywhere from the vanilla Street Fighter 2, all the way to bullshit games like Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle and Thrill Kill. So when I say what I’m about to say, I mean it.

I’d rather play King of Fighters than Street Fighter, on an given day.

my my mai, you're looking especially boobaliscious todayYou’re talking to a guy who has KoF ’99 Dreammatch on his Dreamcast still set up in his basement, it’s that hardcore. I can go one step further…I have a Neo Geo Pocket Color with one game that I still play when I go to the toilet, King of Fighters R*2…I’m nuts for the series.

When I picked up Super Street Fighter IV last week, I was immediately enamored with how polished and expansive the game was, but all the while I kept thinking to myself “Yeah it’s good but it’s controls just aren’t that tight”. Anyone who’s been cancelled out of an Ultra Combo with some suspect BS moves can attest to that.

It’s not exactly the game’s fault that it has some sloppy collision issues, it’s the medium and the programmers’ faults that they went with a 3D engine that makes moves and their distances hard to judge over a solid 2D fighter. There’s just something to be said about game developers animating each pixel on their characters and having to set up the collision boxes by hand that just screams quality.

I know that I’ll be picking up KoF XIII on day one. I just hope that they have proper netcode for some online matches this time around. I can’t deal with another version of the sad online we had with KoF XII.

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