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I Has a Wii…

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Last night, when I went to visit my parents house for a quick visit, I was given my Xmas present a week late, a Nintendo Wii. This was the last of this generation’s trifecta of gaming systems that I needed to get in order to feel like a complete gamer.

Unfortunately for me, it was a used system…gently used (except for the one Wii-mote that slammed into the wall) that is. For some reason, I always figured that the Wii that my parents bought over a year ago would end up in my possession, I just had no idea that it would be so sudden. According to my dad, “I never play the damn thing, and neither does your mom. I find myself playing with the Xbox 360 more.” With that being said, I packed up my new console and brought it home with me.

The worst part about this whole deal is that the Wii came with all of the games that I bought them, some games that I would never wish upon my greatest of enemies. We’re talking great games like Tiger Woods ’07, Tiger Woods ’08, Rapala Tournament Fishing, Bust-a-Move Bash!, and the usual suspects of Wii Play and Wii Sports. So needless to say, I don’t have anything to play at the moment.

I’ve got the usual suspects lined up for purchase as soon as Xmas is over, but I’ll probably start with Twilight Princess just so I can load some homebrew stuff to my Wii so I can have some emulators. Following that, it will most likely be Super Mario Galaxy. I’ve heard some insane chatter about how good that game is. I’ll just have to wait to get that until I finish up with the shinier games on the other systems. The Wii can wait…unless we get a port of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom here in the US.

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