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I Got Lost in ‘Lost at the Con’

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Lost in a good way, if there is one book poised to overtake the convention circuits, this is it. I’ve been familiar with the writing of Bryan Young for a couple of years now, so naturally when he asked if I wanted a review copy, I seized the opportunity when this long awaited book of his finally shuffled into print and digital.

Lost at the Con is centered around Cobb, a master of getting drunk political reporter, and all round burned out writer who’s just trying to look for a paycheck. Much to his discontent, his current digs at a website/magazine lands him a trip to Griffin*Con, the “Mardi Gras of Geek Conventions”. What we get to read is the story of a writer who obviously so loves his craft in journalism, yet doesn’t understand anything there is to know about Geek Culture.

The story really picks up pace when Cobb finally reaches the convention, this is where you see Bryan really put his writing chops that he is known for into good use. The total misconceptions by Cobb on things that us geeks are ingrained with had me laughing more than any book I’ve read in the past couple of years. Think of it as if you’re trying to explain you geek passions to your old grandparents, just add in that Cobb is forced to write about the convention with a large quota of articles to fill. Speaking of, as you read through the acts, and Cobb keeps finding himself in new and more hilarious situations, you’re wondering about one thing in the back of your head.

“Is this what he’s going to write about?”

You see, dispersed through the story, you get to read some of the articles that Cobb has sent back to his editor, and it’s hard not to take enjoyment out of someone who takes something so trivial and non issue to geeks to such an extreme and serious level of “ground breaking” journalism. The whole “Snarry” bit (don’t look it up if you don’t already know) had me grinning from ear to ear as Cobb was fighting to expose such a horrible crime against humanity.

Bryan is a seasoned, well studied writer and author, it’s hard to put a stop on this story because you just want to finish the act, and then move onto the next one immediately. As someone who knows him personally, you can just see he poured a lot of himself into this novel, and it honestly shows. It’s a trait that we don’t get too often these days, and that is why I’ve slapped some high predictions for this book. Geeks will get it, and be charmed by Cobb, not because he’s such a great person (honestly, he’s an asshole) but because we can see the fun of his follies through Griffin*Con. Anybody who considers themselves geeky by nature will appreciate and understand this book and the comedy of misconceptions.

We are after all, used to it.

You can pick this book up now on Amazon.com (Kindle also) and through the Nook, if there’s one thing you gotta check out before the buzz hits all the summer conventions, this is it.

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