I Bow to the Overlord

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overlord. completely worth the money

It seems that whenever a game is released today, everyone thinks they have to have downloadable content. That’s all fine and good I guess. I understand it’s a way for them to make more money.

In my experience however, I’ve played very little downloadable content that was actually worth paying for. That is, until I bought Mass Effect 2.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not perfect, they do have a couple of DLC files that you look at and think “this is only about making a buck”. But for the most part, unlike most of the companies out there today, BioWare has done everything they can do to make extra content worth paying for. Whether it’s adding new characters, vehicles or even a new chapter to the story.

This holds true with their newest batch of Mass Effect 2 DLC called “Overlord” I won’t say too much about what this pack offers, except to say that it is bar none one of the best pieces of DLC I have ever played.

Think of a human mind melded with a Mass Effect V.I. and you have Overlord. There is a great story arc here, and it will keep you involved. On top of all that, it’s all new planet to explore, and we finally have a legitimate use for the Hammerhead hovercraft. If you’re a fan of Mass Effect at all, this is totally worth your time and money.

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