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I <3 Kevin Smith

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Besides being one of the most under appreciated geek movie directors and podcasters on the planet, Kevin Smith now wants to rescue the movie industry from itself…and I agree with him for the most part.

The current industry is beholden to these old mammoths of movie distribution and Kevin wants this system to go away so that many more movie makers will get the chance to share in the spotlight. Think of it this way, ever since the boom of online music sales and distribution, many of the old record companies are a mere shadow of their former selves. If we can do for the movie industry what the Napster crowd did for music. We might just see some indie movies taking the world by storm instead of another Hollywood remake.

This was filmed at Sundance here in Utah this week after the premiere of his newest film Red State. You might want to consider some headphones for this one…because like anything Kevin Smith has done, it’s for the Adults in the room, not the 2 year olds looking over your shoulder and signing your paychecks.

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