The Hunger Games: Catching Fire — Is It Worth Your Money?

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I predict this movie will be “catching fire” in the box office!


Directed By: Francis Lawrence

Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Lenny Kravitz, Elizabeth Banks, Stanley Tucci, Donald Sutherland, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Jena Malone

So how bad was that first Hunger Games movie? Pretty bad, huh? I’m sure there’s a few teenage girls out there whom just rage quit this review, but I digress. This review isn’t about the first Hunger Games movie. It is in-fact about “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” the first sequel in a quadrilogy of movies based on a trilogy of books by Suzane Collins. While I’m not going to claim this movie is cinematic gold (it’s not even close), I will say it was highly entertaining.

Catching fire really stepped up the story from it’s predecessor. There was far less mindless action scenes, and far more goosebumps on my arms as we follow a nation on the brink of revolution. That’s not to say there isn’t a fair amount of action in this movie, cause in-fact there is. I’m just saying the action in Catching Fire feels far more relevant, as compared to the first movie. The revolution in Panem is knocking at the door, and looking for Katniss as it’s leader.

When a movie can evoke emotion in me, and manage to stay fun, it’s well worth my money.

So what cons does this movie have?
While I do absolutely love the movie Constantine (I do mean love) Director Francis Lawrence has altogether remained unimpressive to me. My key issues with Catching Fire were all responsibilities of the director. From uneven performance from some of the less experienced actors to some poorly framed shots. It was clear that Lawrence isn’t quite ready for blockbuster status. His efforts would have been more suitable for a Twilight movie than Catching Fire. Now don’t get me wrong here, Lawrence’s directing was far superior to that of Gary Ross’.

Before I end this I really must call out some of the great acting in this movie by Jennifer Lawrence, Woody Harrelson, Stanley Tucci, Donald Sutherland, and Toby Jones. Most surprising of all was star Jennifer Lawrence, who has continued to prove her self as a talented actor, and worthy of her Oscar. I expect a lot more out of her in the next few years, and hope she doesn’t go the way of so many teen actors before her.




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