Ryan Thomason

The Humans from Image Comics is Very…Uh, Yeah This is Awkward

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What…what did I just read? All I know is that I may not dive any deeper into The Humans, here’s why.


The Humans #1 and #2
Writer: Keenan Marshall Keller
Artist: Tom Neely

Publisher: Image Comics
Release date: November 5th and December 3, 2014

Order some copies to be delivered to you, if you feel like giving Humans #1 a shot

Typically, I’m all for the silly and weird.  I’m a fan of Adventure Time; I know silly and weird. But, The Humans is just plain unreadable. Take a spin on 1970s America, turn people into Planet of the Apes, and mix in biker gangs–then, you’ve got The Humans. With all the sex, drugs, violence, and booze, I’m not sure what The Humans is trying to accomplish. I’m pretty sure I could have lived my life without seeing a biker ape getting a blow job and then full erect monkey penis. It’s just….I can’t un-see that, even with an extra cup of spiked eggnog.

If you’re into naked monkey girls and dudes, 1970s biker culture, but with apes instead of humans, I guess this is a comic for you. Otherwise, I can’t find any redeemable traits in this comic. This isn’t coming from some snooty standpoint, I just don’t see the purpose of this comic and anything in it that would make me want to read more after two issues. It is in my honest opinion that you should pass on The Humans and save up some space/money in your hold for trying out something else.

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