Hulu Plus coming to Xbox 360 tomorrow

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If you have Hulu Plus and Xbox Live Gold, then you can look forward to getting all that TV show goodness on your Xbox 360 as of tomorrow. Jack Link’s Beef Jerky (yeah, I’m British, I don’t get it) are sponsoring the launch, so for the first week (April 29th – May 6th), Hulu Plus will be free for everyone, regardless of whether you have an account on the service or have Xbox Live Gold. So make the most of their huge library of TV for the week, I know I would.

For those not in the know, Hulu is an on demand subscription service that specialises in Television but also offers films, behind the scenes footage and the like. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, it’s only available in the USA. While Hulu itself is free, Hulu Plus is a premium service that was launched last year. The only real difference between the free and paid service is that the library for the latter is a lot larger and is also available on not just desktops but Samsung, Sony and Vizio TVs, iOS 4 devices (iPhone/iPad/HumancentiPad) and Playstation 3 to name a few. Availability on Xbox 360 is just the newest addition. Whether you think the paid service is worth it is up to you.

Source: Major Nelson

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