Alan Smithee

Hulu on Consoles?

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HULU, as seen on a CRT.

I have both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 hooked up to the same TV (though I finally disconnected the Wii, sorry Nintendo) and I find myself being able to use both systems to do the jobs that I’d normall have left up to a computer or a cable box.

No lie, I can access Twitter, Facebook, and Netflix from both systems…I can use them as media bridges for downloaded movies, my music library, etc. The list of uses that my ‘gaming’ systems have now beyond playing games is getting to be pretty impressive. There’s just ONE thing that they can’t really do with ease, let me watch TV.

Not specific episodes of shows, of something tied into advertisements on the Xbox 360 dashboard, or a new game release, but honest to goodness watching seasons of shows or even the most recent ones. That’s all I’ll need to have before finally giving the axe to the good ol’ cable company once and for all.

Well, I might be in luck…There have been multiple spottings of Hulu, yes Hulu, on developer consoles for the Xbox 360 around the US. This very well could be nothing, but I’m hoping that it’s true. It would be awesome to finally say goodbye to Comcast’s archaic cable TV system.

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