Huh, The Genesis Can Do Mode 7

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sega genesis

Being a veteran in one of the bloodiest console wars that the world had ever seen (the great conflict between the Genesis and SNES) I used to throw around terms like “blast processing” for the Genesis and RISC chipsets within the Super FX cartridges for the SNES. However it turns out that one that was great ammo for us Super Nintendo fans being Mode 7 graphics, which made games like F-Zero possible, was in fact possible on the Sega Genesis as well as the video below purports.

There were games on the Genesis that had a pseudo Mode 7 that could make things veer left or right as per each scanline render, but nothing quite like how Nintendo did where sharp 90+ degree turns were made possible. It might not mean a whole bunch to someone who wasn’t around for the tech back then, but I always find it really cool to see people still trying to squeeze everything they can out of antiquated tech.

If you feel so inclined the original thread talking about how it was accomplished can be found here.

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