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Huge Star Wars: Episode VII Rumor

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As far as rumors go, this one is a whale and one that would be hard to explain to the fans…but still awesome to consider.

Emperor_SidiousImagine if you will, an aging actor…much like the entire cast of the original trilogy, only you and I have believed this particular villain to be lost and gone forever once his apprentice tossed him overboard into a seemingly bottomless pit of energy conduits in Episode VII. Yes my friends, the current rumor floating around is that he will be back to reprise his role in Episode VII of the series…though how that is to happen is yet to be seen.

I’d simply bring up the clone-and-ghost-of-the-force thing they did from the comic book series Dark Empire I and II way back in the early to mid 90s, but with Lucasfilm and Disney wanting to distance themselves from the expanded universe literature, it doesn’t seem likely that’s how they’ll do it. I guess it makes sense that they could bring back Ian McDiarmid again to reprise his role, mainly because I think people ultimately love Palpatine as a villain because he’s essentially evil incarnate, and really the only one true villain that’s been a constant across all six movies.

I say bring it on and be blatant about why you’re doing so, but please oh please, no lens-flare when showing the emperor of the galaxy on the screen Mr. Abrams. Again, this is merely me speculating on a rumor, nothing is or has been set in concrete so please take anything you read here as speculation only.

Den of Geek is where I originally heard the rumor and I can only hope it is true only because I really enjoy him as a bad guy.

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