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How To Train Your Dragon 2 is Coming

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I wrote about it some time ago about how this movie became a daddy/daughter moment, and it really was one of the best animated movies that I had seen since Wall-E. If Dreamworks Animation can keep up the quality with the sequel, I’m game.

According to an article with the returning director and writer, Dean BeBlois:

“It’s going to be quite epic. We are treating How To Train Your Dragon as the first act in a much larger story. As we head into this one, the world expands. Everything is much bigger with still the heartfelt qualities that made the first one resonate so much with audiences. There are no longer restrictions to this tiny island in the North Sea. They have the entire Northern hemisphere within their grasp.”

That’s not a bad omen by any means, except I hope some of the charm that was their viking island is retained in this movie. They had better not go the Pirates of the Caribbean route and make their traveling outside of that small island into the Americas and have a potential Avatar moment (think about it).

If there were any doubt on their being new characters and dragons, returning producer Bonnie Arnold has said that there will be some new dragons and maybe some new characters in the new film.

As I recall, the movie made a shitload of money for Dreamworks in the theaters and even more on home sales (where I picked it up), so it pretty much was a foregone conclusion that this movie was going to happen. Let’s just all take a deep breath and pray that it doesn’t become Cars 2.


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