Jill Seale

How not to be an entitled douchebag on the internet: Valve edition

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“Dear Valve, nice idea but you will not ever live it down. You shall be ranked among Activision in the evil department” This reaction to Valve’s recent Portal 2 ARG hijinx from a random twitter user is an example of how to do it very wrong. This is the same kind of thinking that leads people to boycott Left 4 Dead 2 (I use the word “boycott” loosely, because 90% of the people doing the boycotting bought the game on launch day). It also leads people to moan about hat updates in Team Fortress 2.

I hate to break it to you, but Valve doesn’t owe you anything. When a company releases free DLC for a game they released 4 YEARS AGO you don’t complain about it because it’s not what you wanted. Don’t like hats? Don’t play the game. I’m sure something else has come out in the past 4 years that you could spend your time playing.

When a group of asspained little man-children band together to complain that a first person shooter is too similar to another first person shooter released by a company that primarily makes first person shooters and that company flys the leader of this gaggle of idiots to their office to play the game, you don’t compare them to Activision, a publisher that’s known for laying people off in the hundreds.

Finally, when a company shows more support for indie titles than any other platform would even dream to, offering good games for reasonable prices, all of which have exclusive content that pertains to Portal 2 as well as offering players the opportunity to have Portal 2 in their hot little hands earlier than they normally would, you don’t act like that company has committed a crime against humanity. How dare they make you play video games! If you don’t like playing good games, just wait until Tuesday for Portal 2 to come out at its normal time. You have nothing to lose.

Valve has shown themselves time and time again as a company that cares. They care about their fans enough to continue cranking out free content for a game that by all rights should be dead and gone by now. They care about their products enough to delay a game until they’re satisfied that it’s truly the best it can be. That doesn’t give you the right to expect anything from them. The correct response to seeing a company treat their fans well when most could care less is to be grateful.

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