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How I Ruin Television For Myself

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castI love watching TV with my kids, I love watching it with my wife…for the love of Crom, I even enjoy watching the boob tube with complete strangers in bars (though that may be VERY infrequently). However there is something festering inside of me that is destroying the fantasy, that thing is my own brain.

I like to read, I like to watch movies, I especially love to play video games…hell, they’re the main reasons that this site exists in the first place. There’s starting to be a real problem with me enjoying all of these forms of media recently because honestly, nothing truly surprises me anymore.

Just the other night, we were watching Law & Order: SVU (it’s one of those once-in-a-while-watch-it-with-the-wife-cop-dramas) and for the most part I can usually fill in most of the blanks by the beginning of Act 3, but this episode was egregiously simple. I’m talking 5 minutes into the show and had already figured out the juicy plot points. Now I didn’t have ALL the details, or I could have very easily been wrong, but the way my mind works is that it goes all Occam’s Razor on these things and predicts the simplest yet most of the time true resolutions.

It’s getting to be a real problem.

I’m at that point in my life where I really need someone to push the reset button on my mental odometer because I’d love to relive some classics again for the first time. Sadly, unless I’m willing to suffer a massive head trauma or some mind altering substances…that’s not going to happen. In the meantime, I’ve tried paying more attention to the usually unspoken work that goes into these products, whether it be the crafting of the dialogue, the camera work, or my particular favorite is figuring out what was done in post-production instead of actually recorded pieces.

I still watch a bunch of television and for the most part enjoy it, I just wish I had a physical switch to my brain to shut it off sometimes. Don’t you?

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