Alan Smithee

How Homefront Pussed Out

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The publishers of the soon to be released game Homefront originally had the Chinese as their enemy of choice in the game where America gets sacked by a bit of a “Surprise Asians” attack (like the one that will live in infamy). Only now we’ve got the Koreans to fight instead of the Chinese, and it’s all because someone warned them not to.

Well let’s put it this way, when you make a game about China that depicts it in an unflattering light, you get banned from ever entering their country. That’s right, if you were the executive team over that game and you had business to do…NOPE sorry denied for all eternity.

That’s kind of a puss move to swap the enemy from Chinese to Korean if you ask me. Look at the guys from Fallout, they made a whole universe where it was the Chinese vs Americans, and they’re still probably going to the Middle Kingdom.

Eh I don’t mind really, the Chinese have already won this economic war against the Americans. We owe them so much goddamned money that it’s not even funny to write about. It’s just as well, the North Koreans seem like a much scarier bunch.

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