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How Come I’ve Never Heard of Die Pretty?

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As we’ve become a more open society in the terms of how we consume our media, it arguably gets easier to find new stuff to listen to each week, but at the same time…you get some pretty awesome groups that come and go without ever hearing about them. Die Pretty from New York City just happens to fall in both categories for me at the moment. This is something that will be remedied this weekend.

How many times do you not hear of a group until after someone has either died of an overdose, or the band ends up hating each other to the point where they just split? I can’t even count that high without taking my shoes off first. The perfect example of this would be the relatively unknown group Refused, these guys were at the very forefront of the post-hardcore scene and were essentially one of the first ‘screamo’ bands like Silverstein or Funeral For a Friend before the genre was even invented. They essentially broke up as their first album hit the mainstream…so I never ever got to see them live, which would have been wicked.

Fast forward to today, when I hear of this group from NYC that fits into the Pop/Punk scene out there called Die Pretty. Honestly, with the dozens of PR emails I get on a daily basis, this was quickly headed to the trash bin when I accidentally clicked on the mail and decided to give it a listen. The song that they’re promoting right now is called “Medication Nation” and could easily do battle against the best that either Deluka or Shirley Manson could offer.

I’m a big fan of female vocalists, especially in this genre because too often we’re stuck with whiny pretentious assholes that end up making you regret picking up their music after one or two tracks, but after combing through their related videos on YouTube, I can easily say that this is a band that I will actually burn a CD for (a rare occasion in this day and age don’t you think?) so I can listen to them while driving. I think given enough time and the backing of a major label, we could very well have the next Skunk Anansie on our hands. I dig these guys hardcore.

Their latest EP Battle Over Brooklyn is available now through iTunes (click me). I can’t wait to see what else this band is capable of.

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