House’s Amber Tamblyn Loves Olivia Wilde

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Let me start this off by saying: I’m so damn jealous that anybody has the chance to speak to Amber Tamblyn. The House cast member talks about working with Dr. Sexy Face and her “Juicy” scene with Olivia Wilde.

TVLine has on some lucky-pants because I so wish I could sit and just stare-er speak with Amber Tamblyn, not because shes a total cutie, but because shes touched Hugh Laurie. If you’re a fan of House this is a definite read. There’s a ton of info and a neat insight into the shows writing process.

“I was going to be real peeved if I didn’t get to do something with her, because I’ve heard nothing but amazing things…I’ve heard she’s a really rad chick that I would get along with well. If they hadn’t given us at least one scene, with me being the only other female team member, it would have been a missed opportunity. I think they knew better than to pass that up, so they gave us some really cool scenes together. It will be definitely juicy for House fans”

I’m very sad to see her leave the show, but at the very least we both agree on one thing: Olivia Wilde is a rad chick

House airs Monday nights on FOX. [TVLINE Amber Tamblyn Interview]

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