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Hop – Trailer

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Universal and the crew at Illumination Entertainment, the same guys who animated Despicable Me, are betting that people have been dying for a movie that’s based on the Easter Bunny…hey, as long as we’re taking Easter away from the Christians, I’m all for it!

In the latest trailer we get to see our protagonist and soon to be Easter Bunny (cleverly named E.B.), ditching his life to pursue his dreams as a drummer…by going to Hollywood? Eh as far as plot points are concerned, I don’t care so much. I’m honestly not this movie’s demographic.

Considering that I survived both Chipmunks movies, which this movie looks a lot like, I should be good to go. Oh and not to mention that the voice talent for E.B. is Russel Brand, who I find brilliant most of the time, will make this at least bearable as he craps jellybeans. It’s not a kids movie without eating poo jokes.

The movie will be out on April 1st.

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