Holy Rumours Batman, Robin May Be In Arkham City after all

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A Best Buy advertisement for Batman: Arkham City may have accidentally revealed that Robin is coming to the game and that to some respect he’ll be playable. According to their now pulled down promotion, if you preorder Batman: Arkham City at Best Buy then you’ll get a code for downloading Robin. However, this isn’t in the actual story game but for two challenge maps.

This is similar to how the PS3 version of Batman: Arkham Asylum allowed you to play as The Joker in some challenge maps, which were either challenges to take out a number of enemies stealthily or in a fight. If it turns out to be true then it makes you wonder whether Robin will be in the game’s story as a non-playable character. But then, who the hell wants to play as Robin? Nightwing sure, but Robin won’t compare to Batman or Catwoman.

Source: ArkhamCity.co.uk

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