James Helsby

Hollywood out of Ideas: Crow Remake.. With Bradley Cooper?

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You heard that right. Because nothing says gothic action flick, like Bradley Cooper. I mean, he just exudes emo. He is so emo, he might as well be a cutter.

The idea of a Crow remake has been in talks for a while. The original comic book series from 1989 was adapted into a feature length film in 1994. A classic film to be sure, but one that was significant for bringing about 2 things. The death on camera of Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee) and creating an entire generation’s worth of poorly dressed, overly pale, white kids.

Ok, I admit, I was sort of one of them. But the original Crow film was more important to me for having a killer (pun) soundtrack.

The idea of Bradley Cooper playing the part of Eric in a new adaptation speaks volumes for the direction the new film will be headed. It likely won’t be a dark story, more an action flick. It will probably still be like Ghost meets Terminator, but with a hell of a lot less emo.

The only thing I can say about it, was that at LEAST it’s Cooper. The original rumor was… Mark Walhberg.


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