Ryan Wilson

Hoax Hunters #1 – Comic Review

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Does Hoax Hunters continue the trend of amazing debut issues, or is this myth busted?

Hoax Hunters is what happens when you combine MythBusters with the strange phenomenon of cryptozoology flooding our airwaves (on allegedly educational channels nonetheless) and sprinkle in a little conspiracy theory. Sounds like an ideal comic book for a skeptic right? Right?

Well, not so much.  The title is highly misleading, as the titular in-universe TV show as an ulterior motive. They actually believe that the ramblings of these crazy attention-seekers has real value, and they travel around the world under the guise of a skeptical show to actually cover up the monster sightings. Unfortunately, the reason for this is hardly explained in this issue, causing the entire premise to fall apart in a slew of confusion and flimsy story-writing. We’ve seen the “monster of the week” story type played up to cliche levels, and Hoax Hunters does very little to distinguish itself from its predecessors. 

As a debut issue, I find Hoax Hunters hard to recommend as a new series to pick up. For such a ambitious concept, I couldn’t help feeling incredibly bored as I read on. Hopefully issue two will provide the substance I desire, but at its current state, Hoax Hunters is a forgettable experience.

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