Hitman 2 scribe penning Uncharted movie

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It looks like Karl Ward is going to be a very a busy boy over the next couple of months.  Not only is he penning the sequel to Hitman, Sony have hired him to write the script for an adaptation of the PS3 smash hit; Uncharted: Drakes Fortune.  The films currently going by the title of Drakes Fortune which to me seems odd, I would have thought they would have just gone for the more straightforward and recognisable title of Uncharted.  Now whilst I have no intention of ever watching the sequel to Hitman, I personally believe that film will end up straight to DVD with a wrestler playing Agent 47,  I have every intention of watching Drakes Fortune and from what various sources are reporting Sony are targeting a summer release and are planning to market  the film as one of their tentpole movies in the summer and that’s great because that’s what Naughty Dog designed the game to resemble.  It seems strange they are getting a fairly untested writer to pen the script to one of the PS3s biggest hits, either Sony are banking on brand alone to sell Drakes Fortune or Karl Ward is a very talented young writer and we don’t know it just yet.  Now as long as they don’t hire somebody like Stephen Sommers to direct the film and get a director with some real talent and a passion for the source material, I think Jon Favreau could do a fantastic job blending the humour and the action.  As for casting everybody repeat after me Nathan Fillion is Nathan Drake, Nathan Fillion is Nathan Drake, I really hope Sony listen to the masses on this one.

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