Alan Smithee

Hipsters Can’t Save Music

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Buy all the damn vinyl that you want—you can’t stop progress.

Vinyl sales increased sevenfoldIt’s really interesting that while the sales of CDs and downloads are diving, the sales of vinyl records are on a pretty stable climb. Amazon has reported that over the last five years, vinyl sales have increased sevenfold (745% to be exact). Though I would have to warn you about the optimism about this number, as vinyl is still very niche and represents only 2% of the overall market.

I’ll admit that I quite enjoy listening to my vinyl collection and I’m guilty, myself, of ordering a few pressings of my favorite groups’ records on the high-fidelity polycarbon based medium, but I have no illusion in my mind that I’m doing it to prop up a dying business model.

The future is here right now and it doesn’t require a physical media, it’s all available with persistent data connections and cloud storage. Heck, I could be wrong about that as the entire world starts to flock to streaming music programs. Maybe we can set up a vinyl streaming service?



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