Evan Burkey

High School of the Dead – Oh YES!

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Every season, I try to do a breakdown of all the latest and greatest anime… but let’s be honest, it takes forever and I’m really lazy. So instead, this summer I plan to only cover the best of the new season. There is quite a few interesting new series I’ll be highlighting, but the show I’m most looking forward to is Madhouse’s High School of the Dead. Airing July 5th, High School of the Dead is an adaptation of a popular manga series that follows a group of high school students in Japan during a zombie apocalypse. I’ve been reading through the manga and have been enjoying it immensely. The mix of violence, drama, and humor makes for a very entertaining read, and with Madhouse behind the wheels of the anime adaptation, I’m very excited for this series. As our glorious shogun Xopher Reed said, “Panties, fanservice, and giant tits combined with zombies, baseball bats, and hot womens equals one of the most awesome manga series turned anime series ever.”

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