Alan Smithee

Hey Xbox Fanboys, PS3 STILL Costs Sony for Each Unit Sold

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how's about a graphical representation of what the money that sony has lost so far looks like all heaped together, yeah, kinda like that.

It might not be the kind of news that you guys all find interesting, but I was reading an article yesterday and that featured a breakdown of the costs of producing a PS3 console and how the price for each PS3 sold during it’s lifetime has cost the company a different amount with each SKU that is released to the mass-market. The first PlayStation 3s to hit the market cost the company a whopping $90 dollars for each one sold.

Now it seems that they’ve slashed that number by about 80% to only $18. They even think that by 2011, they’ll actually be able to turn a profit on their hardware. By that time, I’m certain we’ll be right in the middle of speculating on what the new Xbox will be. This bodes to be a interesting year to be a gamer.

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