Alan Smithee

Hermaphrodite or Not, Lady Gaga FTW

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even if she's got a little something'd be like christmas morning and finding out you got a PS3 instead of an Xbox 360...unexpected but still good

Yeah, I broke down and watched the MTV VMAs the other night…and besides talking about all the bullshit that is surrounding the Kanye West fiasco (which I’m half-convinced) was staged, I was smitten with the performace of everyone’s favorite ‘possible’ hermaphrodite, Lady Gaga.

She showed up wearing some crazy-ass attire, and even brought Kermit the Frog with her to the red carpet. I was at a loss for words when I watched Lady Gaga perform, it was crazy…she’s a pop artist, but had guys wearing thongs on their faced, did a leg up on the piano solo, and managed to even work some GWAR showmanship into her routine by bleeding all over herself. Fucking yay!

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