Ryan Wilson

Here’s Some Final Fantasy X HD In-Game Footage

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Final Fantasy XYou now have permission to buy a PlayStation Vita.

After eighteen excruciating months, Square Enix finally gave us a sneak peek at their HD remastering of the tenth entry to the Final Fantasy franchise. Sadly, we still have no definitive release date for Final Fantasy X HD, only a promise that the game will be “coming soon”

If you were expecting PS3-level graphics for this remaster, you’ve put your expectations far too high. The PlayStation Vita, while a powerful system, is only capable of qHD, meaning that the screen has a display resolution of 960×540. While this is “technically” HD, its pixel count is a quarter of what’s available in 1080p. This is one video you are better off not full-screening to get an accurate depiction of how it will look on the Vita.

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