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Here is a new Torchwood: Miracle Day Teaser

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Imagine if today, no one in the world died. Imagine if tomorrow, no one in the world died. And the next day, and the next.

Coming to Starz in the US on July 8th, Torchwood: Miracle Day sounds like an awesome premise for a show. The spin off from Doctor Who (Torchwood is an anagram for Doctor Who, btw.) Torchwood always dealt with things either too serious, sexual, or silly for Doctor Who. Torchwood, was established as an insitute to help the Doctor when he wasn’t around. The Earth always seemed to be a lynchpin in some strange sort of inter-galactic melodrama, and so under the Direction of Queen Victoria as a way to stop the incursions into British history and the ramifications that the Doctor always seemed to leave in his wake. As the decades passed, Torchwood more or less became of a assistant to the Doctor, protecting the King/Queens interest at home.

The new series, which was moved to Starz in the US, after BBC decided that they were done with the series (bad mistake) is starting off with a bang. Following on the heals of the amazing mini-series ‘Children of Earth’ (which you simply must see), ‘Miracle Day’ assumes the premise that one day, no one dies. The world population doesn’t decrease at all.

150,000 people don’t die, as they should. The next? No one dies. The next? No one dies. All that in addition to the 200,000 birth’s each and every day still occurring. What looks like a miracle, and a blessing very quickly becomes a curse, as the sudden boom in world population causes untold havock.

Personally, I can’t wait. If it is even half as good as Children of Earth, then it will be awesome. Check out the new teaser below.

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