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Henry Rollins is Kilowog in Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

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Whether it be his work with Black Flag, his eponymous Rollins Band, the acting work he’s done over the years, his spoken word tours, or his hosting abilities, Rollins is a force of nature…and in my opinion, the perfect pick to voice the Green Lantern drill sergeant Kilowog.

When Green Lantern: Emerald Knights comes out on June 7th on Warner home video, he’ll be joining the likes of Nathan Fillion, Jason Isaacs, and Roddy Piper as a fellow voice actor for the burly, ugly, yet lovable Kilowog. This isn’t Rollins’ first foray into the world of voice acting as he’s been in shows like Adventure Time (see the episode “Her Parents” as he plays Bob Rainicorn) and as various characters in different incarnations of the Batman animates series.

Kilowog is the Green Lantern Corps instructor for the newest initiates into their ranks which I think will be a great fit for Mr. Rollins. I’ve been a huge fan of Mr. Rollins’ ever since I picked up a few of his books on a whim about 17 years ago. I follow everything that this man does and will definitely be picking this flick up when it comes out. C’mon DC stop making the feature films and get to making more animated goodness!

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