Alan Smithee

My Fellow Whores…

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Welcome to the Media Whore Network! This site has been a dream of mine for the last 5-6 years and I hope will become a haven for all of you gamers, comic book nerds, movie geeks, music snobs, webcomic fans, anime addicts, habitual book readers, blog spammers and any other type of mind polluted or time wasting media consumers. We are all whores, it just matters how big of one you can be.

Right now, the site is very empty and sterile, but I promise that I will work my damnest to make this one of the best community driven blogs that will provides consistent entertainment. The ‘news’ is not welcome here, I want all opinion all the time. You might ask “Why no news?” and I’ll simply say that you can get news from any damned site on the web, you don’t need guys like me to provide that, I plan on providing all opinnuendo (opinion + innuendo) all the time, every time.

I will be working on this site day and night and even plan on losing sleep in the process to make this one of the best god-damned blogs you’ll ever read on the internet today. As soon as I get my recording equipment set up, I’ll start providing podcasts. As soon as I get a decent webcam, I’ll start making videos. I want to spread the message of media whoredom to the world! I’m here for the longrun and I plan on taking this bitch all the way to internet notoriety, anyone who wants to come along for the ride is invited.

If you have ANY interest in voicing your opinions and want to jump in on a member driven blog, or if you just want a chance to rant and rave about any fucking thing you please, email me at [email protected]

All are welcome here (as long as you have a sense of humor and don’t mind some swearing).


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