Hellcity: The Whole Damn Thing

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Start saving those pennies!  Look under the cushions for quarters.  Image is publishing a full book I think everyone should get:  Hellcity:  The Whole Damn Thing.

Hellcity:  The Whole Damn Thing is the creation of Macon Blair (writer) and Joe Flood (artist).  This is a collected version (328 black and white pages) of what was originally intended as a three part story.  Volume one was published in 2006 Gigantic Graphic Novels and contained 104 pages.

Too often, we see a only part of an independent comic book creator’s creation.  First issues are published, sometimes second issues too, and then nothing.  Did you see Hellcity Volume One on the shelf four years ago?  Did you buy it?  Even if you didn’t, you know the story.  You see an interesting comic book and buy an issue and then wait and wait and wait as it is never continued.

Here we luck out:  Image has published the complete story of Bill Tankerslee, former heavy in our world, now a bacon cooker in Hell.  This original take on Hell, where the demons and devils live and work side by side with the humans, causing them misery as the humans try and live a life that is a pale shadow of our world,  has a fair balance of humor and grit.  It is a hard-boiled detective novel that takes place in hell as Bill is asked to follow the big boss of Hellcity, Lou himself.  Politics, rebellion, love and paradise all fit into this story.

I am not sure what Mr. Blair and Mr. Flood have been doing since 2006, probably working other jobs.  Here, however, their hard work has paid off in this long volume.  The cover price might be a little steep, but it is almost 330 pages of illustrated goodness. Skip getting milk at lunch these next couple of weeks to save some change, so you can get this book, which comes out August 11, 2010.

Bottom Line $24.99/$24.99

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